Burnham Polymeric – The leader in reinforced fiber optic innovation.

Burnham Polymeric, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of Precision Wound Reinforced Fiber Optic Cable.  Our focus on reinforced fiber optic cable innovation has helped Burnham Polymeric produce numerous patented products for use by military and industry alike.  Our products deliver strength, flexibility and data speed in some of the harshest environments on land, sea and air has helped make Burnham Polymeric the preferred expert in fiber manufacturing. 

 “Our cable is built to withstand the harshest environments.  We’re proud that our innovative fiber products are used around the globe – from Navy programs to exploring the wreckage of the Titanic for director James Cameron.”  Eileen Jensen – President, Burnham Polymeric

Since 1982, Burnham Polymeric has provided its customers with millions of meters of fiber optic cables spanning the globe.  The company is committed to continuous improvement of its products through an aggressive research and development strategy.   Our focus on the continual advancement of our products has helped us become a trusted partner to our clients who are looking for features and capabilities specific to their projects. 

 Customer Satisfaction – US Navy

 “The US Navy has been doing business with Burnham since 2001.  We have had a wonderful relationship the whole time.  They always stand behind their product and they constantly strive to improve it.  Our cable needs to require tough tradeoffs.  It has to be as tough as possible.  Very long lengths must fit into a small volume, and being expendable, it must not be too costly.”  With regards to ease of use, “Burnham micro-cable is very tough and it is very compatible with off-the-shelf fittings and tools”.

- BP Customer, U.S Navy