BP-M Multi-Mode Reinforced Fiber Optic Cable – Overview

BP-M is our high quality, high strength multi-mode fiber optic cable with Kevlar and a urethane jacket. BP-M can be constructed to your specifications and withstand the harshest underwater environments or rodent attacks.  The cable is available in precision wound packs in lengths up to 20,000 meters. Our spliced cable is capable of achieving much longer lengths.

BP-M Multi-Mode Reinforced Fiber Optic Cable -  Common Applications

  •  ROV’s, Underwater Vehicles
  • Umbilicals
  • Tethering applications
  • Buried systems
  • Exploration
  • On land robotics control

BP-M Multi-Mode Reinforced Fiber Optic Cable - Key Features

  • Marine & Rodent Attack Resistant
  • Tight Tolerance held:  +/-0.5 mils (0.0005”)
  • Multi-mode fiber core, 50/125 microns (µm) and 62.5/125 µm
  • Cable reinforcement:  ®DuPont Kevlar, tensile member
  • Custom Cables available
  • Precision Winding available
  • Readily adaptable to commercial off the shelf end fittings
  • Samples available upon request
  • Priced to be expendable

BP-M Multi-Mode Precision Winding Specifications:

  • Custom wound packs to specifications
  • Adhesive is applied to cable during winding process imparting a peel out tension of less than one pound
  • Can be deployed on surface, sub surface or airborne
  • Custom lengths available from 1,000 meters to 12,000 meters.  Splicing available beyond standard lengths.